What is the general word server server Windows-Server-Standard-2007, Windows-Server-Standard-2019 –

comes from the English word service what does a service mean in translation if you live in the cis would you most likely often

heard something like go to car service [Windows-Server-Standard-2007], [Windows-Server-Standard-2019]

go to a car repair service unclear for what reason but people most often use the word service only with places where they repair

auto although in the original that is English language of at least the United States America words service or service

applies to any type of service at all – but Windows-Server-Standard-2007, Windows-Server-Standard-2019

whether it be a hairdressing massage private detectives and so on and so if service this service the server is the one who this service is provided to you by others with words the places that you provide any kind of service and service are servers many people when they hear the word server then they get scared and represent a huge

a data center big machine for Windows-Server-Standard-2007, and Windows-Server-Standard-2019 with a bunch of mainframes and

all this quality is cooled we certainly have something like that server can be something

resource intensity for example in our case in the quality of the server will step on

own computer or some the web server we rent but this already details so the server provides

some services what services do you define based on your tasks, our server will do extremely simple things he
will accept incoming connections magic clients that is to manage them for example, assign them what you eat

nicknames how do you arrange them for Windows-Server-Standard-2007, Windows-Server-Standard-2019

further work and all that but also

in addition, our server will execute

functions read and dad send messages

to the general chat privacy of communication

sending images is possible to both

we will define a similar functional

as the whole application is written so far

we need to define the base of our cat

is to write its foundation the basis already in

which you can add some

modules of doctors and we said earlier

let’s create a package which is simple

let’s name the server and inside this peak

james create two classes 1 will be

just to start our server like this


it will be a standalone application i.e.

ours or a client is one application

the server is completely different and the second class

will contain all where the finish line of our

server or plan what he is capable of what

services he is able to provide

to clients inside the class, create a server

conquer 1 variable port and through

constructor and we will hand over and some

value that is the port on which our

the person will sit or work for us

you only need the port to run to the address because

that we are ip address I hope it

I understand why by the way we did two

class if everything could be described in

one by voice server maine we

we can create as much as we want

server instances using only one

application if we didn’t do it then

each server acted before as separate

applications that are not very cool but you can

do as you want it is only mine

amateurish opinion of the architect further in

classroom server main

in the main method we have string new

an array which some of us have

never used it before

in order to runtime a

set some parameters to our

server for example let’s open comand

line and if we already had it ready and

position then I would write something like

this is what the jar flag is to

run frying the name of our

applications and some arguments so far

in a similar way we will assign to it

only the port is an important point our server

will work from under the terminal that is

it won’t have a graphical interface

thousand with cancer, he is most often not needed and

we will work with him from the manna

lines but this is a small spoiler and

more on this in the following videos a

for now let’s go back to the description of the logic

let’s immediately indicate here what if

argument in more than one or all of them

no that is, so far we only have one

argument and this is a port of a ton of pro throw

we will show you how to do it correctly

use the server, for example, write to

as a hint the following i.e.

just output to the console using

and in cancellation exactly how it is necessary

start our server
and then we just exit this method
to terminate the program further if
after all, we have an argument there and his
times parsim and thongs in in the jar
and start our server by passing this
the argument is next that we do it
we write a constructor which will be called in
server start time there we just
assign the port that will be specified
at startup global variable port
we may not do this at all on
in fact for us this for further
user interaction with the server and
in the same constructors, then run
our server with this port
then create an object of type server then
we do not just run it but
assign the variable to further with
her methods could somehow work
all sorts of cause for example and him and
go to the server class and there too
add a simple constructor to work with
port for now, after that we need


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