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Dear friends

yes, if suddenly someone else is not with me

familiar in this video I want to tell

about the new version of camtazia studio is wrong

The ninth version came out long ago and I want it

it is much more interesting and profitable to tell

looks compared to its


versions up to 7 8 and so on if you are not

you know, and what is this for

program with its help you can do two

I will explain in words first, let’s start

if your field of activity is connected like this

and otherwise with the Internet business, be it

infobusiness don’t know internet sales

anything else would go in essence yes i

read without

of this program without its possibility I

it’s hard to imagine your work why well

in short, this program is intended

to record video from the screen

your computer, that is, using

of this program you can do

all kinds of video reviews

any programs of any services

any internet sites or

respectively, we represent from even if

you online store can be done

a review of some kind of product or a review

on how to order and pay for this

product for how to use payment


this is basically for any business

which are related given given let’s say

the function is interesting and important because

many people still do not know how

don’t know how to pay on the internet yes

instructions into unity everyone was very

helped a lot if you practice

there is an even wider spectrum of information business

use this program

increases and why because you

you can record all kinds

presentation video tutorials on absolutely

different topics topics of your business therefore

of course I will repeat this

the program is very very easy and

helps you in your work well let me

already launched camtasia studio 9 program

then there is such a course when where you

it is proposed to either create a new project

either start recording the screen immediately

to open some existing project

here in recent projects

you appear very convenient in fact you

can you

some one of the projects that

this has already been done and recorded immediately

open or start recording or create

new project well let’s click create

new project

to introduce you directly to

what is in this program what

changes have taken place

but while the program is loading I want to say

what all the same


all sorts of improvements are added

effects possibilities therefore naturally

the load on the computer increases if you have

computer weakness that will be a little

slow down although it’s not fatal

well, and besides, a few tips for

work with this program if you

work in camtasia history well how or

with any other video program up to

video editor is better than everything else

connect to some other programs

even to the extent that skype is turned off

turn off close the site there and so on

so on so that the load is

minimal yes on your computer

so that all resources go to work

of this program so here we have

the program started like this

we see an interesting interface in principle

significant changes from the previous

version means we have all the tools

moved here to the left

here they are here, we have a further

principle also remained in the central



timeline yes that is, directly themselves

tracks subsonic video tracks also

stayed at the bottom of the principle here

almost everything is unchanged

here we have a basket of files it

accordingly, we also have the same

place all remember that we have the tools

were below under the basket and above

top menu

the library has been significantly enlarged

library with possible video files and

music is free this and so on but you

for example he literally has a lot

all kinds of background of vision give

I’ll show you the tramp

that such a plan is all possible

let’s get some more videophones and


so interesting with a laptop

you can also use interesting

the difference k options, you can choose this

part of the video you need

let’s say the computer crashes yes there you can

will sketch some kind of inscription and

because fate can see this

the computer who the inscription appears and then

the increase in the tap goes

not allowed but for example it is possible

do where the splash screen is in front of yours


so there is a contact delete unnecessary further

accordingly icons are possible here

midi media icons further here have

what a throat of graphic it is

element well that is, in principle, I am more

we will not go into detail on this

stop let’s go further

we have callouts

here is their fracture leader notes

a lot they changed a little in

design has become more interesting

there is a simple text and all sorts of buttons here


bull’s eye yes that is, some phrases can be

insert them and so on

then a scientist appeared interesting

a function called behavior but by

in fact, this is also 40 of this animation

hover over the square it shows

what effect will be


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