from this tutorial we try say something about SolidWorks at first we will

learn some basic command click on new Solidworks

then select part ok then click on sketch, then sketch select the plane then at
first we will see line command so click, on line give the first point take the
cursor away if line is straight it will

show a yellow symbol with horizontal line
if line is inclined it will not show any,symbol and when line is vertical again
it will show a vertical line with a yellow box so give the direction and click to
come out right click and click on select in solidworks 2012 windows 10

to pan the drawing you’re a press Ctrl + Scroll Button and drag the mouse. If you
want to give dimension to the line click on smart dimension select the line then
give the location then put the length press ENTER then press Esc. In this

way you can create horizontal line
suppose if I want to create inclined

line. Again take the line command click
the first point. Then Click. Then you can

also escape to come out then for the
inclined line you will have to give the

angle between two lines so for that
again click on smart dimension click on

the first line and second line and click
inside then give the required dimension and

suppose if I want to create a
equilateral triangle then again line

click this point and this point then
here the angle will be 60 degree for

we give the angle so in this way you can

create equilateral triangle so in this
case if you view properly there are two

colors are there one is black and one
is blue so black color lines means

those are fully defined
and the blue colored lines

are need to define more
parameters so for this line if we give

the angle that means it will be fully
defined if we select the first line

second line and the inside and give the
angle then it’s color will also become black

and here you can view that it indicates
fully defined that means this sketch can

be used for 3d object. Press ESC. Then
to create circle here is the circle

command click on circle then give the
center point drag outside then again

smart dimension click on the circle and
give the diameter how much you want. If

you same way if you click on the arrow
after the circle there is one more

circle command is there perimeter circle
that means you can create a circle

tangent to three objects so suppose I
click this line this line and this line

and press ESC so it has created
circle tangent to three object. By

dragging and by placing delete button on
the keyboard you can remove object then

if you click arrow after the line there
is one more command is there center line

to create center line just drag the
point click the first point then to just

pan it then second point right click and
select again center line suppose drag

the point. ESC. Now if you want to do distance

between these two lines then I didn’t
click on smart dimension select first

line and second line and click and give
the length. Press ESC. Then suppose I

want to create one circle here then one
more circle here if you want to catch

the intersection point you have to pay
attention to the symbol near the pencil

symbol when it is like this that means
you are catching the intersection now

you are catching a point on the line and
now there is change in the yellow symbol

that means it is catching exactly the
intersection give the intersection and

give the dimensions. Now it is fully

OK. Then suppose I want to create one
line tangent between these two circles

so click on line then click on first
circle then take your cursor to the

second circle so drag the mouse until
the tangent symbol displays there so

when you drag the mouse the tangent now
a circle and inclined line is shown that

means the this line is tangent to this
circle so when the tangents symbol

displayed after that here to click there
so it will create a line tangent to both

the circle. Press ESC. Again line. Click
on the circle then go ahead tangent

symbol is displayed then click then
escape if you want to remove the

unwanted object for that you can use
Trim entities click on trim entities

then the fastest is Trim to Closest closest that means you wherever you

click that entity will be trim. So that
is a trim to closest. if you want to

zoom rotate your scroll button towards
user that means it will zoom plus if you

rotate the scroll button towards monitor
that means it will zoom – and from here

you can give the zoom fit. Then here is
zoom area. Click the first point drag the

mouse and release the button so it will
give zoom area

Zoom Fit. Then if you want to Pan then
press Ctrl, press scroll and drag the mouse

so it will give the pan zoom zoom plus
zoom – pan zoom fit zoom window so all

those different zooming controls you can
use press escape then that is the trim –

closest so wherever you clicks it will
be trim then there is one more thing

command is power trim
so in this power trim you just have to

press the first button and drag the
mouse so whatever the objects are

those are trimmed or deleted so power

trim you can use for delete also so
I will just undo it from here you can

Undo. OK. Then if we click on trim again.
Trim. Then the next option is corner if

you want to create some corner. I will
create one line here. ESC. Right Click line

so there are these lines are there if
you want to connect these two lines or

connect these two lines then you can use
this corner option click on corner

select the first line select the second
line. Select the first line. So the area

of the line you want to keep, on that side you have to click so it

will keep the area where you clicks and
it will remove the opposite. It will remove the

opposite area so in this way you can use
corner option then next is trim away

inside. We will create some more object

ESC. Right Click. So again Trim, Trim away
inside so it will at first you are to

select to object then you have to select
the object which you want to trim so it

will trim inside object and if you want
to trim all the object press first

button and drag the mouse and release
the mouse it will trim all the objects

so using Ctrl + Z you can undo. Again
trim then trim away outside so it will

trim away the outside objects click to
object and click on the object so it

will trim on both side and if you want
to trim all the objects then press first

button and drag the mouse and release it
so it will trim all the objects so

that’s all so we cover here the basic
things if you want to view an exercise,
here and. Thanks!


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