this is the new magnetic case for new iphone is “iphone 12”

and it is also suitable for iphone 12 about it

means that these two smartphones are the same

yes so it is now we will tell you what

the main difference between these smartphones

and how they are so similar and we will also show

you a new fast charge which is less

and cheaper than branded from apple is

because now the first thing is relevant

caught my eye at the presentation of new

iphone the same as iphone 12 and

12 pro now have the same diagonal

6 and 1 inch screens

besides, the iphone 12 now has

screen with the same high resolution a

then these two smartphones are so similar that

there was no point in changing the case a lot

so it happened apple essentially made one

shape but slightly changed the filling however

size for smartphones and screen thickness

frames are all the same and they are so

look like the same cover now

fits both smartphones

then is there any point in overpaying for

iphone 12 pro new iphone

let’s first figure out what

there is generally a difference and let’s start with

unpleasant apple last year

seriously worked on autonomy and

increased work on one charge

iphone 11 pro very essential

Compared to the iphone 6s, progress was slightly

whether not twice

Let me remind you that the test is installed in the iphone 11

battery for 3000 46 milliamps a in

iphone 11 at 3110 milliamperes and now

let’s compare what happened in this

the iphone 12 has a 2815 battery

milliampere and the iphone 12 pro has 2775

the volume of batteries in new products is less than

it’s too early for last year’s smartphones

says that two will live hard

less because the new processor can

be much more energy efficient but

the apple website already contains data where

new iphone iphone 12 is inferior to last year

smartphone that is not very good but

if you choose between 12 and 12 about then u

the version about the battery turned out to be

slightly smaller therefore the choice is here

probably the second main thing is obvious

the difference is of course the camera iphone 12

a bunch of two modules is used

new main 12MP camera

with fast

f-16 lens and super wide angle

12 megapixels with 120 degree angle

apple learned its wide angle

shoot in night mode and more

now the iphone generally knows how to shoot in

night mode everything and video and time-lapse and

selfie add the fact that iphone

12 can shoot in dolby vision and dear and

we generally get the best

mobile camcorder here you are

emmanuel lubetsky the same operator

which filmed the survivor’s gravity and

birdman showed that on the iphone you can

even shoot a movie especially on the iphone 12

about because this smartphone has

everything else there is also a third chamber

12 megapixel telephoto lens with aperture

f 20 focal length 52 mm

and, in fact, 2x optical zoom

and the iphone 12 pro also has a laser

radar or lidar it allows you to improve

smartphone capabilities and photography and

video and augmented reality

lidar speeds up autofocus and

allowed to implement the function of night

portraits and also iphone 12 about can

shoot video in dolby vision ich dir with

60 frames per second and support

taking photos in uncompressed raw format

seemingly a solid set of difference but

the global difference is probably only in

body wiki

everything else can be done with different

applications this is not a problem and itself

2x zoom in 2020

to be honest, this is already too little

if it’s all about the camera and telephoto

you don’t really need to pay

substantially more for iphone 12 pro

it makes no sense but if you have money

enough you need the most charged

iphone the most top-end camera in this

year only one choice iphone 12 pro

max the thing is that this year more

all new chips on the camera got

exactly 12 promax

firstly, the telephoto lens here has a focal

the distance is already 65 millimeters or two s

half a multiple of the increase and secondly

the sensor of the main camera is essential here

larger in area as well as the size of themselves

pixels all this gives an increase at

shooting in the dark and a little

more depth

but that’s not all for the main camera

iphone 12 promax is now matrix

stabilizer that is not stabilized

the lens itself

and the matrix in general is a real flagship in this

all the same, one is iphone 12 promax

another difference between iphone 12 version

pro in finishing materials this year all

the new iphone is not easy to protect

tempered glass and ceramic

glass is a special surface in

the structure of which is ordered on ceramic

crystals that are harder than some

metals and

apple promises that the coverage is 4 times

stronger than last generation not bad

but in general everything needs to be checked here

the same for all four new

smartphones but there is still a difference

side frames or ends for iphone 12-12

less made of painted aluminum

and for iphone 12 pro and max with

surgical steel by the way

because of this as well as additional


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